Oversight by Objective-See

macOS tools

Following is a list of all the programs I use on a daily basis to manage my schedule and workflow. There are so many great programs by indie developers that are worth the buy-in! (or recurring subscription in some cases.).

First up is Little Snitch, a software firewall. It has multiple profiles that can be automatically activated and you can have as many prompts as you like. Also consider LuLu by Patrick Wardle, who has created lots of useful tools. It’s free!

iStat Menus is a customizable menu-bar addon that lets me show different sensors and data.

Yoink is a useful drag’n’drop addon.

Popclip gives IOS-style copypaste popups.

Objective-See: Oversight, Task Explorer, KextViewr. Great free macOS tools by Patrick Wardle.

Moom is a window-manager, resize, place, etc.

Magnet is also a window-manager.

Fantastical an excellent Calendar.app-replacement.

Bartender lets you control which items on your top bar to show.

Alfred + powerpack. Launcher. Has extensions/addons for controlling scripts, apps, misc. Even Hue lights!

Backblaze. You need to back up your data.

1Password .. and you need to have a password-manager. Seriously!

VirtualBox for running OS-tests.

Contexts alt+tab-replacement and sidebar/dock standin.

Daisydisk is for all those times when something is taking up 40% of your disk space for no reason at all. Hello iCloud.

Blackmagic disk speed test for testing disk read/write speeds.

Ulysses is my favourite text-editor. Markdown. Exports to all kinds of formats.

Visual Studio Code for my coding needs.

Tweetbot a twitter client that grants you access to the lowest forms of human existence.

Better Blocker - block the ads. The bad ones.

Omnifocus. For my planning/procrastination needs.

iTerm the one and only terminal-replacement.