Ole Myklebust Amundsen earned a professional degree in clinical psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway. Currently he is employed as a clinical psychologist at Haukeland University Hospital, Psychiatric Clinic. Ole has participated in a few different research projects, including virtual reality exposure therapy for fear of public speaking, relapse-prevention in patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder, and a large project concerning mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has an interest in various learning different programming tools/languages, like statistical programming in R. Ole has specific interest in forensic psychology and the complex dynamics of patients with a history of violence and severe mental illness. On his spare time Ole appreciates reading both fiction and nonfiction, likes to take photographs and enjoys creating workflows that others can utilise.

Ole is a member of the Complexity in treatment Outcome, Psychopathology and Epidemiology (COPE) research group at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Contact at oleamundsen@me.com